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Kapiti Community & Health Transport

The Red Cross operates a Monday to Friday, door to door, Kapiti Community and Health transport service for Kapiti residents so they can get to appointments at Kenepuru Community and Wellington Region Hospitals.

For more information phone Deanne Coulter on: 04-2984316.

Kenepuru Community Hospital Blood tests

Kenepuru Community Hospital has its own Blood Test Room which is now located in the Outpatients section of the hospital.

Turn right at the Cafe just inside the main door.

The Blood Collection room is open Monday to Friday, 8am til 4pm.

10 Feb 2011
FREE CCDHB Shuttle Service

There is a free CCDHB shuttle service from Kenepuru Community Hosipital for patients, caregivers and visitors.

The shuttle service departs on the hour, Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm.

Bookings are required up to 1 hour before travel, seats are limited.

Shuttle vans are not wheelchair accessible. If one is required please ring 24 hours in advance to book. 

Phone: 04-3855999 ext: 7088

23 Jun 2011
N T A - the National Travel Assistance Scheme

For people on hemodialysis travelling to a dialysis unit 3 times a week, you qualify for the NTA no matter where you live. Check it out, or ask your social worker or dialysis unit nurse to register. 

Good Quote

"we're imperfect people who fight an imperfect fight against an imperfect world and who still want everything to be perfect"

10 Jul 2011
Silicone Medical Wristbands for Renal AV Fistula Patients:
Silicone Medical Wristbands for Renal AV Fistula Patients:

Recently the Wellington Region Kidney Society (WRKS) purchased and will be dispersed to all Renal patients in the Wellington region with an AV Fistula, Silicone Medical Wristbands for their use.

They are white, with red writing containing the following text:




The purpose of these bands is to attempt to minimise risk to the patient should they find themselves in a situation where they are unable to communicate with people around them or possibly even unconscious. Contact our C S O  if you need one of these. 

25 Aug 2011
Eye Screening for Diabetes

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